Peter Diem inspired Cow sculpture~ Year 3-4 art lesson

Students used a combination of materials to make these Peter Diem inspired models.


To make a model of a Diem cow with clay with bright colours and texture.


I can make  a model of a Diem cow using air dry clay and paper clay, forming a body and head inspired by Peter Diem cows.

For the head, I can cover a cork with coloured paper clay (Model Magic) adding a mound for the head with wiggly ears.

The Body:

Air dry clay was used to form the body. Students formed a small pinch pot into a rounded shape, pulling and shaping legs so that it would stand.

The head:

A champagne cork was covered with paper clay (Crayola Model Magic) to form the head, long snout and ears)

Flatten out small pieces of coloured paper clay (Crayola Model Magic is perfect) and join together in a colourful “blanket” to then wrap around the cork, covering everything except the flat round bottom.

Form a flat square shape that will cover the end of the cork for the snout /nose of the cow. Join /blend edges with the other clay. Push a pencil in to make indents for nostrils.

Mold some more coloured paper clay into a shape like a wrapped lolly- round in the middle and two pieces at the side to form into wiggly ears. This is joined onto the top part of the cork and smoothed down, shaping the ears at the side. Add small balls with dots of another colour for eyeballs to press into the raised head mound.

Once the body is dry, use small amount of coloured Model Magic / paper clay to form small shapes and lines to press onto the body, adding colour and TEXTURE as it will be slightly raised from the surface.

Use some Model Magic to join the head to the body, checking it lines up with the legs in a frontal view and is forward to the front of the body in a side view.

Self Evaluation: (we used Seesaw and students added photos of their completed cow digitally)

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