Cows with Four Stomachs! Year 3/4 Art lesson


We are learning about the 4 stomachs of a cow and how they make milk and digest food.

I can draw the the side view of a cow and colour it in a chosen breed, eg, Holstein, Ayreshire, Jersey, Guernsey, etc.

I can draw and label the four stomachs of a cow to stick behind the flap cut in the cow’s stomach.


Videos to learn about cow’s digestion and their 4 stomachs- list the names on board.

How cows make milk 4 stomachs explained.

FOR KIDS –   The Cow’s Stomach video,

Mobile Dairy Classroom: Learn About Cattle Eating Habits and Cow Digestion, Grades 4-6 (best from 1:50min)

Students draw a cow on A3 paper to mostly fill the paper. Colour it in a chosen breed. We used the Discover Dairy website to help choose: Cow Breeds Interactive We used water soluble pastels to colour then painted with water to give it a painted look. Food dye wash for sky and grass.

On A4 paper draw the cows four stomachs and label, making sure it will fit inside the cow’s stomach that they drew. Cut a flap in cow (I did this for them with a scalpel knife (Stanley knife)- basically a “U” shape, so you can see the stomachs stuck behind when you lift the flap.

2 thoughts on “Cows with Four Stomachs! Year 3/4 Art lesson

  1. Hi Liz
    I am a teacher in NSW. I really enjoy the art lessons on your site.
    I was wondering how to print out some of these Art Lessons. I’m trying to find any resources that can help me with my new role, teaching art at my school.
    Thanks Sherie


    1. Hi Sherie,
      I’m happy you are finding useful lessons on my site! Quite a few of my lessons have the lesson plan to download at the bottom, or some have a link to the lesson on TpT (TeachersPayteachers) Some lessons, I haven’t had time to do the full lesson plan, but is something I will try to do.
      Thankyou for your feedback!


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